Save india from this party..................

Dhanraj (CA Final) (561 Points)

30 May 2012  
  1. Congress is an undemocratic party which is filled with Christian missionaries.

  2. Congress have allowed Jihad to spread all over India.

  3. Congress allowed China and Pakistan to take away Aksai Chin, POK and Azad Kashmir.

  4. Congress bought India disgrace in 1962 because of Nehru’s leadership in India’s humiliating defeat by China.

  5. Congress allowed Missionaries to convert around 90% of people of North East, now every state is having a separatist movement supported by various foreign churches for Christian nations.

  6. Congress made Afzal Guru our Ghar Jamai.

  7. Congress’s PM couldn’t sleep when a Muslims terror suspect was caught in Australia, but our MMS did not lose any sleep when numerous blasts and terror incident killed thousands of Indians.

  8. After Iraq (a country at civil war) In India more people died in last 6 years due to terrorism in WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

  9. Congress allowed DMK to dredge the Ram Sethu.

  10. Congress’s Christian minister Ambika Sonia said that Shri Ram was fictional.

  11. Congress’s allies Called Ram as druckard.

  12. Congress’s PM said that Muslims have first right to Indian resources.

  13. Congress made a Christian Missionary as Andhra Pradesh’s CM, Y SAMUEL REDDY. His family is running mission to convert whole India into Christian Nation.

  14. Under Congress rule 160000 farmers committed suicide.

  15. Under Congress rule inflation went to 14%.

  16. Under Congress rule farm land was sold for pennies to big Industrialists like Ambanis (Haryana SEZ and MH SEZ)

  17. Congress has done one thing only :-

  18. Divide and rule, on the basis of Caste Religion Conversion Manipulation Bribery.

  19. I will rather shoot myself in head than vote for this party which destroyed my country.

  20. Congress is party of Italy.

  21. Congress is a party of Sycophants.

  22. Congress and its sporters are India’s and Hindus enemy no 1.

  23. Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular;

  24. Mandir is communal, Masjid is secular;

  25. Sadhu is communal, Imam is secular;

  26. BJP is communal, Muslim League is secular;

  27. Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national, Bhukari is national;

  28. Vande Matharam is communal, Allah-O-Akbar is secular;

  29. Shriman is communal, Mian is secular;

  30. Hinduism is communal, Islam is secular;

  31. Hindutva is communal, Jihad is secular;

  32. SIMI is secular, Bajrang Dal is communal; and at last

  33. Bharat is communal, Italy is secular!