save childhood

shubham (CA FINAL NOW ) (138 Points)

31 January 2011  

childhood , what it is ??  it's when children do anything without understanding .  Bina kisi tension ke jo mann may aaya kiya yahi bachpana hai . something like  showing tounge to others , trying to wear dad's tie even after don't even know what it is , making a slap to pet  n many more . 

                                Is it  alive now in true means ??

Today  many parents want that  unka 1 saal ka bacha table manner se khana khaye!!!  They want their children don't enjoy and do whatever they want instead of try to make them free to do what they want.

apni merzi ka sab karwayenge , children ki koi merzi nahi !!!!

why they don't think " wo bhi kabhi bache they or unhone bhi who saari masti n naughty things ki hai jo wo ab apne bache ko nahi karne dena chahte . Even they yet want to do that things now also sometimes .

so plz let not kill the chilhoodness and make it alive till it can .

" thoda bade hokar tho children bhi samajhenge and koi naughty things nahi karenge , per jab tak bachpana hai unko bacha bane rahne do , dil khol ke jine do , plz socho dil tho aapka bhi bacha hai ji"

dedicated to childhood .