Salary - TDS filing - VI A Deductions

Amshumali Sharman (AA) (34 Points)

15 June 2024  

A client while filing TDS returns for Salary, in the Salary annexure, has forgotten to mention the deductions under Chapter VI A. But the tax has been calculated according to that. So 24 Q is processed with defaults. 

I checked with the online correction facility available on TRACES, but it doesn't allow to edit rows in the Salary annexure.

In return preparation utility, I am not able to enter deductions. The cells in which deductions under chapter VI A needs to be entered is grey in colour and I am not able to type anything in them. I downloaded the conso file from TRACES. Uploaded it in RPU for correction --> I will have to delete the row and re-enter the whole details again. But it doesn't seem to allow it or maybe I am doing something wrong.

Can someone help me?