Run proprietorship and OPC together

TG (Director) (31 Points)

13 September 2020  


I currently run a proprietorship software development business and also run a one person company doing data analytics and software development.

I have only two clients right now and one of them I raise invoices from both depending on nature of work. This year my total (from both the firms) reciept of invoices will cross 55L in revenue. Until now I have been showing my proprietorship income under 44ADA and withdraw some salary from OPC.

Now, I have consulted two CAs and they have given conflicting answers to the questions:

1. Can I continue to use 44ADA for my professional income as long as it under 50L individually?

2. Can I bill the same client from both the firms depending on nature of work?

3. Can this setup cause issues down the road?

Further to clarify, I employ part time contractors for work done in the OPC whereas proprietorship work is all taken care by me only.

Any responses are really appreciated! Thanks!