Removal of ISCA !!

APOORV SAXENA (Chartered Accountant) (794 Points)

19 September 2011  

Good News for all CA students......ICAI has deceided to remove ISCA from CA Final Grp 2 Syllabus as it has started becoming hindrance for many students and also not have much relation with our profession. It is a proposal which has been passed to the relevent commitee and they are looking into the matter.

Source : I attended a seminar held in Delhi "Handy Apporach to crack CA Exams" and their the Director of BOS, Mr. Vijay Kapur told the same.

He also told students not to delay their attempts just b`coz ICSA is may not be removed.


And one more Good news.....Just like ITT training, a New Advanced ITT Training will be launched by ICAI where courses like SAP will be teached. Market is charging around200,000 but institute will charge8,000 only !!


Hope the changes will prove good or the students !!