Refund of statutory fees paid for certain services

Charu Srivastava (Company Secretary) (4210 Points)

06 April 2012  
Press Information Bureau 
Government of India
Ministry of Corporate Affairs 
30-January-2012 16:41 IST
Refund of Statutory Fees Paid for Certain Services

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has decided to refund the statutory fees paid for certain services. Earlier there was no process in MCA21 for refund of fees wrongly paid by the stakeholder while availing various services at MCA 21. New refund e-Form needs to be filed by the stakeholder applying for refund and upon processing of the same the refund request shall be approved or rejected. 

The refund of MCA21 fees is available in the following cases: a) Multiple Payments of Form 1, Form 5; b) Incorrect Payments and c) Excess Payment 

Refund process is not applicable for certain services/ e-Forms like Public Inspection of documents, Request for Certified Copies, Payment for transfer deeds, Stamp duty fee (D series SRN), IEPF Payment, STP Forms, DIN e-Form, etc.