Recommendation and Suggestion about TDS to NSDL

Harpreet (* * * * * *) (1670 Points)

10 May 2011  

Dear All,

I need your suggestion on the below mentioned matter:-


If a company has deducted the TDS @ 20% of an assessee and filled the return but how can the assessee come to know as well as Income Tax Department comes to know that who is the correct assessee whom TDS has been deducted @ 20% and has been deposited. But how can assessee can claim the same as deduction as Income Tax (TDS) at the time of filling his/her/its ITR (ITR-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

As we all aware about that and listening lots of query on CA Club as well as on other web portal that the assessee have been filled his/her/its Income Tax Return but Income Tax Department has been denied to give the credit of Income Tax Part (TDS) for which the deductee was unable to produce his/her/its PAN but after that he quote the PAN. Whether the assessee has update the records with the deductor or not but how can a assessee can claim the same?

In my view NSDL or Income Tax Department should introduce some changes in this rule and be more friendly with the assessee to overcome this issue.



1. There will be a option and should be mandatory to file with next TDS return to give detailes of deduction under @ 20% in previous qtr, whether the assessee has been quote the PAN or not.

2. There will be option to correct incorrect PAN which were filled in previous TDS Return so that credit of TDS will go to correct assessee.


Please also give your valuable comments too if required.


Thanks & Regards,

Harpreet Singh