Real achievement....:-)

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25 June 2012  

Real Achievement

A lamp does not speak, it introduces itself through its light. Similarly achievers never speak themselves but their achievements speak for them.smiley

A word of 'ENCOURAGEMENT" after FAILURE is worth more than an hour of 'PRAISE' after SUCCESS ... !!!angel

The Size of Candles may differ but they yield the same BRIGHTNESS.

Its not the matter of your Position, But your Ability that SHINES!enlightened

3 Lessons To Be Learnt from A PENCIL

- Everything You Do Leaves A MARK.

- PAIN Always Sharpens You.

- What’s INSIDE You Is Useful, Not What’s OUTSIDE...devil

'DID' is a word of 'ACHIEVEMENT'
'WON'T' is a word of 'RETREAT'
'MIGHT' is a word of 'BEREAVEMENT'
'CAN'T' is a word of 'DEFEAT'
'OUGHT' is a word of 'DUTY'
'TRY' is a word of each 'HOUR'
'WILL' is word of 'BEAUTY'
But 'CAN' is the word of 'POWER'....yes

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