Re -clarity required on dpt 4 filing -ref sec 74

SANTOSH SHAH (Company Secretary) (754 Points)

27 June 2014  

Dear Members

Kindly clarify if we need to file DPT -4 / GNL-2 in the following cases.

Unlisted Public Company.( Converted from Pvt Ltd to Public Ltd in December 2013).

1.  UnSecured Loans & Advances availed from financiers prior to commencement of new act and if stands

cleared in books of accounts as on 31st March 2014.  Do we have to file DPT -4 with MCA ?


2. If there are Secured Loans taken from Banks and Financial Institutions in Books of Accounts as on 31.03.2014, and some of the Loans are secured against charge on assets of the company, for which so far no charge has been filed with MCA under the old act, What can be done in such case?

1. Do we still have to file DPT-4 & GNL-2 for the Secured Loans before 30.06.2014 ?

2. What will be the impact on Non filing of Charge till date ?

A. If the Delay in Charge is between  30 days to 300 Days 

B. If the Delay in Charge is more than 300 Days.




Santosh Shah