Questions which can be asked from interviewer by candidate

CA Sanjay Assudani (Assistant Manager - Risk management and Internal Audit)   (280 Points)

04 January 2016  

Mostly candidates appearing in the interview answers technical rounds of interview based on their knowledge and experience but sometimes they get stuck or become blank when interviewer asks " Do you have any questions?". In this situation, either a candidate says "No sir, I don't have any questions" or asks one or two very basic questions due to which the whole impression in front of interviewer goes in vain.

I will tell you guyz some of the most important and general questions which can be asked to the interviewer : 

1. How will you define a working day in this organization ?

2. How is your experience at personal level after joining this company ? - Believe me,this question can increase your chances of selection if your technical rounds are good.

3. What is the strength of team or department in which I will be placed ?

4. What will be my job profile ? To whom I will be reporting ?

5. Please tell me the organizationalhierarchy.

6. What kind of different opportunities I can get working in this company ?

These are some of the general questions which we can ask to the interviewer which will really create a good impression in his/her mind.


CA Sanjay Assudani