Query Relating to RCM

Arka Roy (Advocate and Tax Consultant)   (31 Points)

15 February 2021  

My client is a dealer of Ultratech company, and he received goods from company warehouse.

When the Cements comes via railway the Dealer has to pay the Freight Charges directly to the Driver/Owner of the Vehicle in Cash on behalf of the Ultratech Company, and such transport is from Ultratech Railway warehouse to Dealer's warehouse.

After the end of the month the company reimbursed the amount to the dealer's bank account directly via Cemco Marketing (marketing Company of Ultratech). on which no invoice has been issued by the Cemco Marketing and No statement found in the Ultratech's monthly Ledger which gives to the party every month.


In this scenaria, what should i do, did i need to pay GST via RCM or just adjusted the Freight Charges Received in Bank to Expences which actually occured. (No extra payment made by company as RCM)


Please Suggest in this regard. Thank You