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13 April 2017  


A Person, Mr. X, is registered with R-Vat and paying R-VAT under composition. in Year he have turnover of 14 Lakh.


Mr. X also provided bus booking agent services in last year of amounting 5 Lakh. on which he earn 50,000 Commission. He is not registered for service tax.


Mr. X is migrated to new GST.


Query :-

1. What will be amount of turnover? 

     14 Lakh + 5 Lakh = 19 Lakh (Sales + Gross Receipt)

     14 Lakh + 50,000= 14.50 Lakh (Sales + Commission)

does all gross receipt of bus booking is treated as service or only Commission amount is treated as service?

2. Can he claim him self as small service provider as his turnover is less than limit? i.e. 20 Lakh (19 Lakh or 14.50 Lakh as per question 1)


Thanks a lot in advance.



Mayank Bansal