Query regarding 26q q4 short payment correction

Greetings , Everyone !

I have two questions regarding shortpayment correction (TPU Specific)

1.) I have submitted a new challan for the short payment determined by the justification report (see attachment) . But I'm confused on the exact procedure of correcting the conso file in RPU. There are three rows in 94D challan of same deductee where tds was not deducted at all due technical errors in our office.

For this, I have added a new challan via online correction, it appears on the challan tab of  new conso file in RPU. I'm also able to insert a row under this specific challan in the annexure - I tab. My query is what to put in the taxable income for this new row ?

If I copy the 3 deductions mentioned in the justification report, the taxable amount will increase resulting in more short payments in future. Do I have to bifurcate the taxable amount already present ? Like for example, (as visible in the attachment) , there is one entry with Rs 6000 as taxable income. Can I make it 3000 and add 3K in the new row of this new challan? 

Doing this will not change the total taxable income throughout the quarter and will allow me to add the newly paid tax amount. Is this method correct ? Please suggest me the ideal method of doing this.

2.) the places where tax was not deducted (mentioned in the justification report), I put the reason of lower or no deduction as "Y". Is it required to change it to something else ?


Thanks in Advance !

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add newly paid challan in conso file and distribute this amount of tds amongs deductee whose tax not deducted.


deductee whose tax not deducted are already in their separate challans. If I add amnt in existing challans the challan will mismatch right ?



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