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Query on Rent and lease agreement

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deeb (nul) (21 Points)
Replied 04 February 2012

Hi my name is deeb i want to know that is it legal that there is no time limit in a  tenancy deed...if its illegal then who r responcible...????plez help me

Jackson Dsouza (Account Exe) (21 Points)
Replied 26 November 2014


My name is Jack, I have leased an office for 3 years in which i have signed and lease agreement in which every 11 months there is an increase of 10% of rent.. I need an confirmation do i have to pay brokerage after every 11 months ??? 

Rajesh Kumar (1 Points)
Replied 22 June 2016

I've rented a apartment in Mumbai which has got a lock in period. I wish to terminate the agreement before the agreement expires after the lock in period. My owner says that the notice (which is of 2 months) can only be given after the lock in period which essentially makes the lock in period of 13 months. But I think the notice can be given before the lock in period if the agreement termination date is beyond the lock in period. Here is our rent agreement clause for the same. Can you please tell me what this clause is trying to say. Is my land lord correct or am I correct?

17. There shall be a lock in Period of 11 (eleven) months.
18. It is agreed that in the event the LICENSOR/LICENSEES desire to terminate this agreement prior to the expiry of the period for whatsoever reason after the above mentioned lock in period, the LICENSOR/LICENSEES may do so only after giving TWO-MONTHS PRIOR NOTICE in writing to the other party, the LICENSEES undertakes to pay the dues such as electricity charges, and other charges payable by the LICENSEES etc. till date of the licensed premises or else the licensor shall be entitled to retain the pro-rata amount towards electricity charges, and other charges etc. from the Security Deposit as per terms of this agreement.

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