Queries service tax refund

yashsr (CA) (2285 Points)

27 June 2013  


A Pvt Ltd Company which is into export only was incorporated in April 12 had its first LEO on 30th June 2012. Thereafter, it had various expenses like Bill discounting, CHA, Clearing Forwarding Agent, Local Transport etc. on which Service Tax has been paid. Service Tax amounts to around Rs.20 lacs and I'm applying for Refund for the same.

What is the due date and the procedure? While trying to apply online 'Refund Request' I'm stuck up at the reason for refund which gives me the following drop down:

1) Consequential Refund

2) Deposit in current a/c in excess of required debit

3) Others

4) Provisional Assessment

5) Services exempted under Sec93(2)

6) Wrong calculation of Duty Liability


Which of the option should I select?