Prevent a slide master from being deleted

Kamaraj Mani. N (Chartered Accountant - Product Manager)   (553 Points)

26 December 2007  

Slide Master:

The slide that stores information about the design template applied, including font styles, placeholder sizes and positions, background design, and color schemes.


Design Template:

A file that contains the styles in a presentation, including the type and size of bullets and fonts; placeholder sizes and positions; background design and fill color schemes; and a slide master and optional title master.


Slide-Master Title Pair:

The slide master and title master for a given design template that you have applied to a presentation.


Prevent a slide master from being deleted


In some cases, Microsoft PowerPoint automatically deletes a slide master when all the slides that follow that master are deleted, or when another design template is applied to all the slides that follow that master. You can "preserve" a master so it isn't automatically deleted in these cases.

  1. On the View menu, point to Master, and then click Slide Master.
  2. In the thumbnails on the left, select the slide master you want to preserve.
  3. On the Slide Master View toolbar, click Preserve Master

If you don't want to preserve the master, just click this button again.



  • A master can be deleted manually even when it has a "preserved" setting.
  • In a slide-title master pair, preserving one master automatically preserves the other.
  • A slide master is preserved by default in some cases: when you insert, copy/paste, or drag a slide master into master view or when you add a new design template in master view (which automatically inserts a new slide master)