President Pratibha Patil assets declarations

Naveen.N (student) (1021 Points)

04 August 2011  


Breaking News! President Pratibha Patil for the first time made her assets public as the President by declaring her movable and immovable properties, which worth over Rs.2.49 crore.

The move came after the Central Information Commission (CIC) requested her to declare her assets on the lines of the Prime Minister and other Ministers. The details of Patil's properties are available on her website: 

Patil owns immovable properties worth83.83 lakh and movable assets worth1.66 crore. She owns a house in Amravati district of Maharashtra worth39.60 lakh and a 3.82 hectares farm house worth9.82 lakh. She has 3.57 hectares agricultural land worth7.81 lakh in Jalgaon, which is given by her father and another land worth20 lakh in Dhule district. Patil owns two agricultural plots of 1.19 hectares and 1.49 hectares in Jalgaon district worth3.64 lakh and2.90 lakh.

Besides, the President has fixed deposits in various banks worth68.80 lakh. She has invested29 lakh in Rural Electrification Corporation Limited bonds,4.71 lakh in Post Office Savings Scheme and12.60 lakh in Public Provident Fund of the State Bank of India. 

She has gold jewellery worth31 lakh and silver articles worth69,134. She has Rs.16.33 lakh in her savings bank accounts and1.87 lakh cash in hand.

Patil has also invested21,775 in the share market and66,640 in Sanjivini Savings and Investments Limited.

Earlier, Social Activist Subhash Agrawal had sought to know the details of the assets of President Pratibha Patil and her family members. However, President's Secretariat had refused to provide such information stating it was illegal to declare her personal as well as family's assets.