Preparation of idt

Aditya Jain (Final (New) November 2011)   (763 Points)

12 November 2011  


        Now my position is a bit tricky . I applied for both groups of November 2011 exam but then slowly i relaised that i didnt have sufficient time and i didnt even attend any class of Group 2 so i planned to go for Group 1 . I am done with my Group 1 now and i have no chance of clearing it and so what i am planning to do is just to attend the first 3 exams of group 2 without preparation and go for Indirect tax exemption .

       Only worry is that the subject is brand new for me . I ve not attended any classes . Neither have i studied a single word from IDT before . All i ve done is bought the latest applicable book in IDT of Bangar (Aadhyas) . Considering the time it will take to go and attend the next 2 exams of ISCA and DT, can i please get some guidance as to how to prepare for IDT . My target is exemption ofcourse . Even if i get a 58-59, it wud not be of any use . IDT being a partial theory paper where even theory questions are asked, I have no time to memorise things . i only have to browse through notes and understand it . I dont have time to remember everything .

      But to get exemption, its important that I get everything right including the theory questions . Can i please get some guidance as to the approach in studying IDT with a target of exemption . i ve got 5 days in hands till its November 17th .