Plz help..1st attemp I did not appear..wat will be problems for big 4 articleship if I pass in the next attempt..

Stephen Andrews (Ipcc student) (47 Points)

08 April 2012  

I wont be able to write either groups of IPCC may 2012 exam (my 1st attempt) for personal reasons.So when i write the november exams will it be counted as  my 2nd attempt.And if so where will it show "2nd attempt"(like in my marks list etc)

If I am able to score good marks for november exam (which most probably I would),can i join a "big 4 firm" despite the fact that it is my 2nd attempt ..

I would also like to know how good it is if someone refer me to one of the big 4 firms.Can only a person "from the Big4" refer me or someone who holds a good position in one of the Regional Councils(IRC) of ICAI would do ?


Kindly Reply ...