Please solve this query

Anjali Agrawal (Student) (67 Points)

05 October 2015  

Hello everybody

I am really confused, please please please help me out. We are Transporter We deal in transportation goods (i.e. we will supply Dumpers to Companies and Big Transporter to transfer goods from one place to another)(Here Goods are: Coals, Fly Ash, Lime Stones e.t.c.). Now, as such we do not own any trucks but what we do is, we take a number of trucks on rent (from small – small truck owners, each owing not more than 3 to 4 trucks) and then use all the trucks taken together to transfer the goods of the companies. we  provide 10-20 trucks daily basis.

Payament Information: We Receive Payament From Companies in case we supply to co. and from Big Transporters if we supply to them and then give it to the Dumpers owner after deducting our commission...(Our Turnover is less than 1 crore a year and i am an individual)

My questions

1) Does the provisions of service tax applies to us???

2) which itr should i file and in nature of bussines which code to choose?? is it bussiness or income from other sources??

3) can we opt 44AD presumptive income and show profit 8% of receipt??

4) Are we getting covered under section 44 AE ? If not, why not ?

5) Benefit (non deduction of TDS) under sec 194 C – is it available only to those people who are paying tax as per sec 44 AE ? If not, then are we eligible for taking this advantage as well ?