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a) A govt compay can accept deposits from shareholders and others upto  ________ of aggregaate of tits paid up capital and free reserves.


b) _____________ and companies which have been in existence for less than three financial years cannot make any contribution to political party or for political purposes to any person.


The experience of a shareholder can be regarded as experience of a company.. comment

Participant is an agent of a depsitory and is registered as such under the companies act,1956 to render depsitory services.


What do you mean by Pari passu? Can a company issue debentures with pari passu clause



‘Pari Passu’ clause in a debenture means that all the debentures of the series are to

be paid rateably. If therefore, security is insufficient to satisfy the whole debts secured by

the series of debentures, the amounts of debentures will abate proportionally. If the

clause is not made use of then the debentures rank in accordance with the date of issue

and if they are all issued on the same date they will be payable according to their

numerical order

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a. 10 percent

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