Please help me sir

Ravi Shetty (Article) (47 Points)

31 March 2011  

   Please help me, I am Ravi from mumbai. I have two accounts in vijaya bank one from mumbai and another is in my native branch (mangalore). I deposit my salary cheque in my mumbai branch last month (Feb).but the  bank credit twice a time to my SB account . After some time i transfer money to another branch in mangalore i am not aware of the same, after some time bank inform me that double  credit of my account and same amount re-imbured me to them from my another account. Just last week i got the call from mumbai head office regarding the credit entry in your account. they tell me that we are going to deduct TDS on the amount credited to you accout. I convence them but they are insist me to come mumbai But now i am in my native due to my personel problem. It is very lendhy process to recover the TDS amount from IT Ofice couse my Gross income not exceding exumption ltd. Pls hep me in this regards, if they deduct TDS amount can i book the RTI against them Or tell me any other means

Thanks In Advance