Plan your work ; work your plan

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16 August 2011  

It’s an old saying “a man who does not think and plan ahead will find trouble at his door.”

It plays an important role in one’s life. Planning means scheme, arrange beforehand, the way of proceeding to achieve an object, as planning a campaign or economy, or a journey through space.

Planned or unplanned activity makes a difference, carrying out an activity by fits and starts, spasmodic and desultory dabbing never produces the same result as work carried on with a definite purpose and clear cut lines.

No magician ever pulled a rabbit out of a hat without carefully putting one there in the first place.

No man hopes to arrive if he does not know where going. He will be like a ship without a rudder adrift at the mercy of the wind and tide or of circumstances.

Worthwhile accomplishments are seldom, if ever, accidental. They are end result of planned efforts towards specific objects or concrete goals.

The secret of success in any field of Endeavour, including study lies in six magic words.

To plan your study work:

First you have to find out all about the syllabus you have to cover, the text books and other materials you must read and learn, the practical work you have to cover and other requirements which you have to satisfy. This long term plan may have to revise from time to time, but should have an overall picture of your study work and the time range of your plan. Keep a record of the progress of your plans in action.

To work your plans:

For working of your plan you will have to keep in mind, “your plans will work only if you work them". Give top priority to their implementation. Put your whole heart into them. Strive with both your body and mind towards hitting your targets. Give each stage in your plans your undivided attention. Don’t look farther in each stage. The homely saying “Little by little and bit by bit” teaches patience and perseverance. Don’t be discouraged by the size of the task you have to do. Stick to it and you will achieve success.

Finally there is a need of framing of time table:

Because for successful study, a time table is an indispensable need; because when you don’t work to a time table but work only when the fit is on you, your study will become spasmodic. The first advantage of having time table is the saving in time and effort. Without it you are likely to spend much time in decision making up your mind when and what to study.

The second advantage is the proper use of time. Because it has all the force of law which must be obeyed, and in time adherence to it  become effortless, and you begin to regard it as a natural part of your life.

The next advantage lies in the saving that comes from intelligent combination of various activities; in ensuring that you do each work at the best possible time; and eventually in the self-confidence and sense of competence.

Finally, a carefully worked out time-table will help you to keep up to date, to form good study habits and to persevere.
For framing of your time table you must keep in your mind that it’s an aid, not a task master, so it must be flexible. As much as possible, use your day time hours for study. During the day hours your attitude towards work is positive. And more importunately in order that you may live up to your time –table it is on a careful estimate of your capacity for work. The most difficult subjects should come first and then the easiest one, because in this way there is a room for alteration of the easy and the difficult. Also don’t be overly rigid in your time-table. Then at last I must say it is necessary to give equal time to your subjects. If you find a particular subject difficult allot more time to it than to others. Having drawn up your time-table, adhere to it. You must be ruthless and self-disciplined and permit only special circumstances to interfere with it. If you want to reach your goal, you will have to give up your giving up and replace it with doggedperseverance.

And at last I should say, planning your work and working your plan will ensure your success. Make it a habit to work to your time-table.

“Habit is a second nature! Habit is a ten times nature,” In other words, keep to this habit till you reach your goal, And don’t ever be discouraged if every shot is not a bull’s eye.