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05 July 2009  

 Young CAs have proved CAs are not prone to recession 

The Committee for Members in Industry (CMII) of the Institute has successfully organised
one more round of Campus Placement Programme during MarchApril
2009 at Sixteen
centres across the country for those candidates who have qualified in Nov 2008
examination, as per the following schedule:
Centre Dates
Ahmedabad,Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Ernakulam,
Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Nagpur, Pune
& Surat
19th March 2009 to 23rd March
Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New
15th April 2009 to 21st April 2009
Executive Summary of the Campus Placement Programme
1. Highest salary offered for International posting in the Campus Placement
Programme is Rs. 23.00 Lacs per annum.
2. Highest salary offered for domestic posting in the Campus Placement
Programme is Rs. 9 Lacs per annum.
3. Around 508 jobs were offered to the candidates who participated in Campus
Placement Programme.
4. The average salary offered to the candidates is about Rs. 6.06 lacs per annum .
5. 54 companies have participated during the Campus Placement Programme.
6. 95 Interview Panels have participated during the Campus Placement Programme.
7. Financial Services (29.62%) is amongst the highest recruiter of all sectors,
but sectors like Banking (20.00%), Oil & Gas Refining (11.90%), Engineering
Procurement and Construction (8.10%), are the major recruiters.
8. The Committee for Members in Industry brought out new publication on
`Handbook for newly qualified Chartered Accountants “ to enable the candidates
to prepare for their Interviews.
9. The committee organised Orientation Programme for candidates to sharpen their
soft skills and give updates on the Technical side.
We got hetrogenous recruiting entities both from abroad and India representing wide range
of industries and sectors both from public and private .When institutions of international
repute are finding it very hard to attract companies to their campuses to place their handful
students, ICAI has proved itself as an important destination to recruit entry level finance,
audit and compliance executives.
1 An executive summary on the Campus Placement Programme for newly qualified Chartered Accountants
conducted by CMII. Comments are welcome at placements @ particularly on further penetration of the
Campus Placement System.
In all 3842 candidates had the opportunity to avail this service. The biodata
of these
professionals were classified centrewise
and they were given an opportunity to meet 95
interview boards of 54 organisations at Sixteen centres. The following table shows the
statistical information of campus interview at a glance:
Centre Available
No. of Interview
No. of Jobs Offered
Ahmedabad 293 Bangalore
282(175+107) 10 35
2 9
Coimbatore 14 Chennai
410(238+172*) 10 47
Hyderabad 208 3 27
Ernakulam 34 Indore
97 1 5
Jaipur 242 2 7
Kanpur 97 2 9
Kolkata 415(395+20*) 15 56
Mumbai 1326(662+664*) 18 128
Nagpur 22 1 1
New Delhi 1365(990+375*) 26 161
Pune 276 3 23
Surat 12 Rank
list 2
Total 3842 95 508
*The total number of candidates includes the merged candidates from various smaller centres.
With the wellcoordinated
and dedicated efforts of the CMII, Regional Offices and
Decentralised Offices of the Institute, Coordinators of the Campus Placement Programme,
Chairmen of Regional Councils and Branches of the Institute, the proportion of offers
available to the youngest members of the CA fraternity has reached newer heights.
Trends in Salary Packages
In the MarchApril
2009 Campus Placement Programme the maximum salary offered to
Five candidates were Rs. 23.00 lacs per annum for International Posting. For Indian posting
the maximum salary offered to Six candidates were Rs. 9 lacs per annum.
The average salary works out to be about Rs. 6.06 lacs per annum. Major details are as
Salary Range Number of Candidates MarchApril
Rs. 9,00,000 and above 11
Rs. 7,50,000 to Rs. 8,99,000 79
Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 7,49,000 189
Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 4,99,000 105
Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 3,49,000 11
Total 395
Top Five Recruiters during the MarchApril
2009 Campus Interviews:
S No Company Name Selected
1 Jaypee Capital Services Ltd 64
2 IOCL 40
3 SBI 34
4 Genpact 28
5 SIDBI 18
5.2 Power Grid Corporation Ltd 18
Top Ten Remunerations offered during the marchApril,
2009 Campus Interviews
S No. Company Name
Remuneration Offered
(Rs. In lacs P. A.)
1 Tolaram Corporation Private Limited 2300000
(International Posting)
2 SEBI 900000
3 Power Grid Corporation 850000
4 Nestle India Ltd. 800000
5 Jaypee Capital Services Ltd 750000
6 ONGC 750000
7 BPCL 720000
8 Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd 700000
9.1 IOCL 668000
9.2 Credit Suisse India Pvt Ltd 650000
10 PWC 632500
Spreading Wings: Recruiting entities joined in the Campus Placement Programme for
the first time:
S.No Company Name
1.Amar Ujala Publications Limited
2.Cairn India Ltd
3.DBOI Global Services
4.Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Ltd.
5.Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited
6.Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd
7.Sony India Software Centre
8.Tehri Hydro Developement Corporation Ltd.