Piece of advice for new chartered accountants !!!

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114679 Points)

02 April 2012  

If you feel opportunties not knocking your door, try some alternatives like applying for practise and taking coaching classes ; joining with a local audit firm ; doing any other value added courses etc.


Yes...Openings are always there, they just need to be properly regulated and organised. ICAI must do something constructive regarding this.    


In today’s time ICAI membership only is not enough. For getting quick job after receiving ICAI  membership following practical things are necessary:


  1. More than basic understanding of accounting
  2. Good knowledge of Tally, SAP, ERP, IFRS, MIS working environment.
  3. Understanding of working of a finance deptt
  4. Good and practical knowledge of Taxation andother allied forms of taxation
  5. Positive attitude and patience.


Kindly appreciate if you are a new CA and have no knowledge of Tally or SAP or Taxation, then tell me why should I recruit you? You are good for nothing for me. This is the thinking of most of the employer these days.

Recently we had recruited 2 people (non CA but with good knowledge of SAP and ERP) in our finance deptt. at a package of 3.6 and 4.8 lacs P.A. and both were chosen over Chartered Accountants in an interview, having no knowledge of SAP and ERP.  


It is high time for us to understand the fact that membership of ICAI and ICSI is no guarantee of good paying job. So for a better career it is must to focus on good articleship. Also take note of demand and supply factor. New CAs are keep coming so it is imp to present something extra for recruitment.


This all fuss is created because of a bit less compensation offered to professionals. As per my experience still membership of ICAI and ICSI is a guarantee of good quality job. This job may be a less financially sound job but will surely pave way for long term financial and personal success.

So my suggestion would be along with doing CA keep learning other practical courses like tally, SAP, ERP etc and be an expert of all this for better career.


All the best