Physical fitness benefits..

pratik (CA) (1186 Points)

10 January 2011  

Why is it good to be physically fit? There are several reasons. Let’s take a look at them.


1. Being physically fit means better heart rate, better breathing and lower cholesterol levels.


2. Being physically active releases endorphins into the brain thus making us feel good about ourselves.


3. Physical fitness leads to self-confidence and morale boosting. We are able to face life’s challenges better.


4. Physical fitness leads to mental dexterity. We are able to solve our problems with a clear head.


5. Physical fitness leads to being mentally alert and always on the go.


6. People who are physically fit can cope with illness and injury than a person who is not physically fit.


7. Physically fit individuals take everything in their stride and they never panic or get hassled when faced with difficult situations.



Good health is for all to enjoy but it is sad that most people don’t make good use of it especially even if people have the money and all the facilities at their doorstep. Whereas people who don’t are the ones who long to be physically fit. So let’s make the most of what life has given us and let us all strive to be physically fit. You got one life live it in a healthy way