If we talk about the personality of any accountant with other person, he will answer that accountant should be expertise in accounting and he should have good body language and sound grammar. He should wear good dress and talk confidently. It means he should have all good etiquettes.  But practically, we can see following seven forms of Accountant's personality. If you do not understand these form, digest following and create any one which you like.


1. An egoist accountant

This form of accountant's personality makes his selfish. He believes in self advancement and not interested in other's development.


2. An egotist accountant

An egotist is second type of accountant's personality and its roots are also from ego like egoist. An egotist accountant talks about his accomplishments. He is incredibly conceited.


3. An altruist accountant

That type of accountant has discovered the secret of true happiness. He is interested in welfare of company and customers. He works hard and gives extra time for development others through his accounting work.


4. An introvert accountant

An introvert  is that form of accountant's personality in which he pays much attention to himself. To appoint that type of accountant is risky because he is not interested to work under team spirit.


5. An extrovert accountant

That type of accountants are the best for company because they are sincerely and vitally interested in solution of company's accounting problems.

6. An ambivert accountant


That type of accountants have the mixture of introvert and extrovert personalities. They are very smart to change their personalities according to situation.


7. An ascetic accountant

These accountants are very rare in the world. They have sacrificed the desire of material life and feel satisfy with his current position. They fear from God and believe that God is accountant of accountants.