Payment of I.T. by individual tax assessee, Sr. Citizen, 70 years

V R PREMCHANDRAN (Others) (70 Points)

17 March 2022  
15H submitted in April. Now in March,while calculating tax liability it comes to light that I've to pay tax, even after exhausting all deductions, like Std. deduction, 80C, 80D,80GG etc. If I donate u/s 80G, then I can avoid tax, after utilizing provisions of Sec 87A., bringing down the Net Taxable income below 5L. Your reasoned advice as to whether I can just pay tax, if so, is't okay, even though I had submitted 15H in the beginning of F.Y. Or I have to only avoid tax by Using sec 80G.
When should I pay tax, either at the time of filing tax return or before 31st March.
Please guide me