CA Mansi Kotecha (Keep Smiling !!) (6890 Points)

18 January 2013  



Maa Baap ne Bhulosho Nahin

Do not forget your parents


Bhulo Bhale Beeju Badhu Maa Baap ne Bhulosho Nahin

You can forget everything else, but do not forget your parents 

Aganeet Che Upkaar Enaa,Eha Visarsho Nahin.

Their favors are countless, never forget that.

Patthar Pujya Pruthvi Tanaa,tyare Dithu Tama Mukhdu,

They prayed to many gods on earth, to see your face 

A(e) Punit Jana Naa Kaadjaa, Patthar bani chundsho nahin.

Do not become rocks and crush the hearts of those saintly people 

Kaadhi Mukhethi Kodiaa, Monmaa dai motaa karyaa,

They fed morsels from their own mouth to raise you 

Amrut tanaa denaar saame, Zher ugadsho nahin.

Do not spit poison on the ones who gave you nectar 

Laakho ladaavya laad tamane,Kodh sau poora karyaa,

Those who loved you  immensely and fulfilled all your desires 

E Kodh naa purnaar naa,kodh purvaa bhulsho nahin.

Do not forget to fulfill the desires of those who fulfilled all your desires 

Laakho kamaataa ho bhale,maa baap jethi naa tharyaa,

You could earn millions, but if your parents are not happy at heart ,

E laakh nahin pan raakh che, E maanvu bhulsho nahin.

Always remember,  those millions are ashes.

Santaan thi seva chaaho, santaan cho seva karo,

Expect service from your children, then serve  being a child yourself,

Jevu karo tevu bharo, E bhavnaa bhulsho nahin.

Remember the teaching, as you sow so shall you reap.

Bhine sui potee ane, sooke suvdaavya aapne,

They slept in wet areas but made sure you were on dry land,

E amimay aankhne,bhuline bhinjavsho nahin.

Do not let tears come to those loving eyes.

Pushpo bichaavyaa prem thi, jene tamaaraa raah par,

They spread flowers in your path with love 

E rahbar naa raah par, kantak kadi bansho nahin.

Do not spread thorns in the path of those  path makers 

Dhan kharachtaa madshe badhu, Mata Pitaa madshe nahin,

You will get everything by spending money, but not Mother and father.

Pal Pal paavan E charan ni, chaahnaa bhulsho nahin.

Do not forget every loving moment of those auspicious feet.