ONLINE CPT - and how to crack it.....

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31 January 2011  

ONLINE CPT - cracked


CPT is not a very difficult milestone but it is the first one, and without completing it one cannot go further.

The online version of this exam will be held soon maybe in this Feb. itself.


I passed cpt online this Oct 2010 with 116, attempting only for 130 marks and studying hard for 15 days. These are some ways things that I wish to share with those of you who plan to give the online exam


The books that need to be referred are the ICAI modules and the suchtra prakashan scanner. In which rough estimates of weight ages of chapters can be seen.

Plus the scanner is a must solve book, which must be practiced as it gives us an idea of how the questions are going to come.

Skipping chapters

Everyman has his own preferences and knows his own limitations, if time seems less you can skip certain chapters with low weight ages ex – linear programming (math)


The essentials


The imp chapters are


1)      Company accounts

2)      the theory

3)      consignment

ECO – the entire micro economics is important compared to macro

MATHS – the most popularly skipped subject, but certain chapters such as ratio and proportion are easy

LAW – Contact act and partnership act are the most imp, if one must skip anything let it be the sale of goods act


One must only attempt a question if one is 200% sure about it; tukka marna (guess work) is damn risky.

Plus in you must learn how to manipulate options, in certain questions it is seen that the options can be substituted



I conclude my article saying that hard work is what pays off, not just intelligence. I managed to pass only due to 15 days of commitment. Hope this article is useful to you all. Thank you