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Can anybody help me as to How to draft the Objects clause of the MOA for the REAL ESTATE BUSINESS.......?


Thanks in Advance...

- J.Rajganesh

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Please check my article below:

Company Law- Some useful Main object clause -I

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Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Proposed Main object of the construction Company


1.         To carry on the business of construction of apartments, flats, shops, kothies, hotels, restaurants, pub, cinema halls, multiplex complexes, malls, hospitals and nursing home’s buildings, canals, reservoirs, mills and offices, huts, tenements, warehouses, cold storage’s buildings, industrial sheds, hydel projects, power houses, tunnels, culverts, channels sewage, roads, bridges and dams and to act as an agent for purchasing, selling and letting on hire, plot and houses, whether multistoried, commercial and/or residential buildings on commission basis.


2.         To engage in construction, such as civil mechanical, electrical, and all other types erection commissioning projects, project trading as well act as consultant for execution of projects on turnkey basis for equipments of industrial, industrial set up domestic and other purposes & marketing of allied materials and to carry on the business as developers, promoters, builders, consultants, civil engineers, architects, surveyors, designers, town planners, colonizers of estates, farm land & residential building, estimators, interior and exterior decorators, general and government civil contractors of immovable properties, all types of structural and pilling engineering work.


3.         To buy, purchase, or otherwise acquire an interest in any immovable property such as houses, building, market, shops, industrial sheds & plots, within or outside the limits of municipal corporation or such other local bodies and to provide roads, drains, water supply, electricity and light within these areas, to divide the same into suitable plots and rent or sell the plots to the people for building , houses, bungalows & colonies for workmen according to schemes approved by improvement trusts, development boards and municipal boards there on and to rent or sell the same to the public and realize cost in lumpsum or otherwise to start any housing scheme in India or abroad.


4.         To carry on the business of immovable property and its consultants and to give on rent sale and purchase, designing and construction of residential houses, commercial building flats and factory’s sheds and building in or out side of India and to act as builders, colonizers and civil and constructional contractors and purchase, hire or otherwise sell and mortgage any estates, building, basements or such other interest in any immovable property and to develop and turn to account by laying out, plotting and preparing the same for building purposes, constructing building, multistoried building and altering, pulling down, decorating, maintaining, furnishing, fitting up and improving building and by paying, draining and letting building on lease and on rent.


5.         To develop the plot for house by providing roads & other facilities such as water supply and sale the same and to erect and construct  farm houses building or work civil and constructional of every descripttion on any land of the company or upon any other such lands or immovable property and to pull down rebuild, enlarge, alter and improve such land into road, highway, streets, squares and such other convenience related thereto and deal with and improve the immovable property of the company or any other immovable property and to construct, maintain, erect and lay out roads, highway sewers, drains, electric line, cables and gaslines, in over and under the estate of any other company or person or body-corporate.

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dear Ankur Garg,



Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Packaging cartons


To carry on business in India and elsewhere as manufacturers or and dealers in and importers and exporters of all kinds of packaging containers including cartons, boxes and cases wholly or partly made of papers, boards, wood, glass, plastic, rubber, metals, zelatine, tin or otherwise and glass bottles, glass jars, flasks, casks and glass containers of every descripttion, fibrite boxes, corrugated containers, corrugated rolling boxes, display boxes, aluminium coils and packing requisite of every kind and descripttion.


Packing articles

To construct, erect, establish a factory or factories and work-shops with suitable machines, plants, engines, tools, instruments for manufacturing packing articles and to adopt all processes of manufacture such as cutting, treating, moulding, pasting, binding, shaping, fabricating, or other chemical, mechanical, electrical or manual operations for making packing articles and also to take on hire, rent or acquire, purchase any plant, engines, machinery, tools as referred to above from any person or body or association.

Company Secretary

Dear Mr. Ankur Garg

Can u forward me the Main Object for a manufacturing company, general in nature which covers all types of goods to be manufactured...

My e-mail id is swagatamkhandelwal @ gmail.com


Dear Ankur,

Can u please help me for Object clause in Real Estate Business for name approval of company.my email is deepikagupta28 @ gmail.com





Hello Ankur!

 Please help.....One of my friend wanted to start a private company for doing real estate business.He already has a company with the main object as trader of consumer goods.it has real estate business in its other objects.so can the same company start the real estate business since its other object has it.Please reply asap


please provide me object clause of restaurant business.

Legal Professional

Dear Nikhil,

Please find the main objects as desired


(1) To carry on all the business of hotels, restaurants, cafes, holiday camps, resorts, taverns, beer-houses, refreshment rooms, night clubs, cabarets and swimming pools and Turkish baths and lodging or apartment house keepers, licensed victuallers, wine, beer and spirit merchants, brewers, distillers, bakers and onfectioners, importers and manufactures of aerated mineral and artificial water and other drinks. 

(2)       To carry on all the business of purveyors, caterers for public generally, taxi, motor car and motor lorry proprietors, livery, stable and garage proprietors, farmers, dairymen, ice merchants, importers and brokers of food, live and dead stock and foreign produce of all descripttions, hair dressers, perfumers, chemists, Proprietors of clubs, baths, bars, dressing rooms, laundries, reading, writing and newspaper rooms, libraries, grounds and places of amusement, recreation, sport, entertainment of all kinds, health club, beauty saloons, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and stadiums, swimmign pools, video and other fun game rooms, race courses, meditation centres, boating clubs, flying clubs, freezing hot preservation and baking chambers, and other apartments, tobacco and cigar merchants including the manufacturte of cigars and other allied products, agents for railways, shipping and ariline companies and carriers and theatrical and opea box office proprietors entrepreneurs in connection with sub-clause 1 above. 

(3)       To act as hotel management consultants, mangers, operators, advisors, planners, valuers and to impart technical know-how and training in the field of planning, construction, operation of hotels, motels, restaurants, recreation and etnertainment centres in the field of tourism industry whether in India or abroad and to purchase erect or otherwsie acquire, establish and equip and act as collaborators, technicians, financiers to any other hotel or restaurant in India or abroad. 

Thanks & Regards 

Amit Mishra

BSamrish & Co.

New Delhi




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