Nov09 PCC: Ahmedabad has 14 rankers(ipcc) and 11 in PCC

Sushant Lohani (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (1051 Points)

03 February 2010  

City students fared well in the exams conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India recently. Fourteen students have made to the all-India top 50 lists in the Integrated Professional Competence Course, while 11 students feature ranked in the list of Professional Competency Course toppers.

ICAI Ahmedabad chairman Sanjay Shah said, “Students who relied more on practical knowledge than bookish lessons have done well in the exams. Practical learning makes students more competent. Such students always get more preference in the market.”

Though IPCC exams were conducted for the first time in the city, students have done fairly well. Swati Sadhwani, 8th ranker, scored 505 while 10th ranker Viral Shah scored 497.   Ishani Patel, 11th ranker, scored 421/600 in PCC exams, Rahul Kamodiya scored 17 th rank with a score of 414, Shreyank Agrawal got 25th rank with a total of 394, in PCC exam. These students made to the top 50 at all-India level.


Results statistics of Ahmedabad students:

See the passing pc in Group 2:it is unbelievable.44pc