Not filed annual returns, bs etc with mca/roc for 3 years

Ernest (DEO) (115 Points)

19 May 2012  

A pvt. ltd. company,  X,  was formed in  Dec 2008. However, after formation, there was no business conducted except opening of bank account etc.  No annual returns were filed with the MCA since the formation. 

Now the only 2 directors appears on list of defaulting directors.  Unfortunately, one of the directors passed away in May 2012.  The remaining director is unable to file forms with ROC/MCA for any of the OTHER companies they are a director of  till the defaults of the company X have been cured.

What is the best way to cure the default of company X with retrospective effect (meaning for past years) as there is a desire to continue company X forward.

If there are no records of AGMs being held in past years, then how should this be rectified? Similarly for appointment of audtors for each year etc.