new icai conspiracy:April15 rule: Not enough

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

15 April 2009  

The relaxations which icai has claimed are forhelping principals and students who are facing diificulties in getting transfer are of no good and is only done to

a)to take out steam of student's growing anger and their growing willingness to drag icai to court for hampering their fundamental rights guaranteed by indian Constitution.

b) to confuse the students and buy time so that they can say after if suit is filed "why are they complaining now, they accepted it then"

The relaxations are certainly not enough. Where we trying to take transfer now. We were worried that in future special circumstances may force us to desperately neeed  transfer (just suppose CA starts harassing student and his parents are in the same city; Will he have to leave CA studies just becuase he can't take transfer).

Added to that; this rule will help ONYYYYYYY those who have persuaded their CA to sign that their articleship terminated  by March 27. Suppose i want transfer now; until the relationship between me and my CA is good; he will never sign the date of transfer as on or before March 27; and will gleefully laugh at my plight of not being able totake transfer and will take revenge after April 30.

Friends, we must not be hoodwinked by the ICAI; as we are their baap. We should not forget that anytime in future we might need transfer whatsoever case it may be.We have to strenghten ourselves and should protest and even drag icai to court.

Let's file a PIL guys.