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17 July 2011  

Last month while I was doing my work, I got my old notes of third year. I saw the writing for a moment.  It was looking good. But then I checked my recent handwriting …it was not so good;(. It was turn into half of my old writing. Then obviously I thought what went in my life in this time gap…I really realized my handwriting was really influenced by those circumstances.

As earlier I said...I am fond of surfing net. So here are some things that I noticed and really like to share with you all.

Handwriting is the face of a person in paper time. So obviously this point can’t be ignored. So here are some tips which I explored from net….

  • ·        It should be done on a plane paper. So that you can define it correctly. Okay fine …we are not analyst;(. So normal paper will also serve the purpose.
  • ·        if a person makes the letter "g " as the number " 9 " & letter " Y " as the number " 7 " .It means that the person is good in calculating , accounts .
  • ·        If a person never or mostly do not use punctuation marks( , . ? " " ! etc) while writing .It means that the person is lazy , is in hurry & believes in Quantity & not in Quality.
  • ·        If a person's handwriting is very small .It means he / she is not very confident , not clear in his / her thoughts. Believes in hiding things from others.
  • ·        If a person's handwriting is very big .It means he / she is very confident , proud, likes to gain others attention.
  • ·        If the persons handwriting is changing frequently. It means he / she is very confused & not self satisfied.
  • ·        If a person uses lot of short forms while writing .It means the person believes in quick action , he / she do not care much for people.


  • ·        If a person give space in left side of page , it means he/she gives more preference to family. But if the person gives space in right side of the page , means give more preference to others in life.
  • ·        Right-slanted writing (/) shows that the writer reacts strongly to emotional situations, is sympathetic and sociable. Left-slanted writing (\) indicates that the writer is introverted, indifferent and fears the future.
  • ·        Driven and successful people put a lot of pressure on the paper when they write, but especially "heavy" writers can be uptight and respond badly to what they see as criticism. Empathetic people put little pressure on the page when they write, and are said to be sensitive to their surroundings. Uneven writing indicates a lack of vigor.
  • ·         If the words don’t have too much space between them shows that the person want to be loved . And if the words are on distance with other word , it shows the habit of “ give me some space

  • ·        The larger the handwriting is, the more out-going and expressive the person typically is. Which of course means those with tiny handwriting are withdrawn and tend to bottle things up inside. However too much variations in handwriting show rapidly changing feelings.



Sources :




Actually these are just the signs. Writing easily changes with the emotions. I had read too much about that. I can’t summarize all points here.



For good handwriting -----

1.     You must hold the pen in right manner. You should feel that you are writing with a feather in fingers.

2.     You should not stress only on finger , but the whole arm should be involved.

3.     So that your whole hand will be used , rather than just  fingers.It will reduce the stress on fingers. And it will really be helpful in exam time . You know why ..

4.     Writing is one thing which need patience to be improved.  So if you practicing writing then you should be slow writer to be impressive.

5.     And yes know your behavior aspects , your handwriting will also be changed.



Conclusion ----


I am not a graphologist;(. So please take these points as a direction. And yes keep an ideal writing example in front of you; it will really help in improving handwriting a lot.