MY aspirations-possible or Fantasy???

pRaSoOn (Articled assistant) (500 Points)

27 February 2008  

I decided to do c.a. in 5th standard. When I cleared ,y 12th exams from ICSE board with 79%(cmmon ICSE students know dats not less...afterall it's the toughest board in India), i was in 7th sky that I will be joining C.A.Finally after clearing my PE-1 and PE-2 in first attempts respectively, I came across something called as "ARTICLESHIP"....literally after working very hard in first 5 months, I have gained a hell lot of experience together with some viruses like CORPORATE MANNERS(u can say backbitting,kicking etc.)...n dat is not what i exoected after giving all my efforts to C.A. I still see C.A. around me doing everything unethical in the most unprofessional way. My friends who are doing MBA say that "C.A.'s PREPARE DATA AT LOWER HIERARCHY AND MBA's USE IT AT TOP LEVEL".....I still respect my profession a lot and thats why to see the reality by my own eyes I want to do MBA after clearing my final attempt in Nov. 09(it's falling due then)....I am planning to do coaching for MBA after clearing my finals(hopefully dat too in 1st attempt) and will go for MBA as soon as 3 year tenure gets over....what I want to say is that I don't want to do it for nourishing my Curriculum vitae but to be an all-rounder(ya you can say i feel level of ca's have degraded)....i would like to know which are the best institutes in India who support MBA after CA???

...................Thanks for patiently reading my "Kahani".....