rajeev (Accountant) (159 Points)

19 July 2012  


I uploded a form 231 for the period ( 01/01/2012 to 31/03/2012 )but by mistake i claimed excess credit as refund in C b colomn. Actually it would be carry forward to next year sales in last year.

and while submiting April 2012 to June-2012 that excess credit amount in form 231 i shown in 10 A b.excess credit brought forward from previous return.( but the main problem while i click at that row in amount it shows text massage Box 14c(b)shown in previous year. 

But in form 231 there is only no.upto 10

Why this.

& If i revised it under which 20(4) a,b,c

Pl any body guide in this regards.