Mismatch of salary income in form 16 & 26 AS

CA Mayank (CA) (180 Points)

31 July 2013  

Mismatch of Income between Form 16 & 26AS.


Now a days Form 16 Part A is Issued from Traces, hence Income & TDS on Salary will Match fronm 26AS.

But the income does not match with Form 16 Part B.

In ITR in Taxable Salary we will write income which comes after HRA, Conveyance allowance exemption & after deduction of Professional Tax say Rs. 12 lakh.

HRA, Conveyance Allowance exemption totals say Rs. 2 lakh.

So in Form 26AS & Form 16 Part A income should be shown Rs. 12 lakh not Rs. 14 lakh.

But it is shown in 26AS as Rs. 14 lakh.

Now while filling ITR income will be mention Rs 12 Lakh which during the online processing of Return will not match with 26AS & the demand will be raised for additional tax on Rs. 2 lakh which was claimed as HRA & Conveyance Allowance Exemption.

Should we ask the employerr to Rectify form 26AS or thereis any other solution ?