Message to CA CS Students: Plan for yourself

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114773 Points)

09 December 2010  

Hi All,


Well through this Post I would like to convey a message to all the CA, CS and CWA aspirants. According to me it is the high time for all of us to understand the importance of planning for self. You know something -- we can easily plan for ourselves better than anyone else. So why depend on others…


But kindly appreciate the fact that people are always there to guide us about the right path to choose. So we must give due respect to them and listen to them for our betterment. But this doesn’t mean that we are not competent to decide for yourself.


There are few areas where planning is very crucial and must for exam and career success. For example our study, career making and our personal life…


Well let’s restrict this post to our study only.


Now the question is ---


1. Why we need someone all the time to tell us what to do to perform well in our study and exam?


2. Why we need someone all the time to tell us how to design a good revision schedule?


3. Why we need someone all the time to share exam tips for our Exam preparation?


4. Why we need someone all the time to improve our writing and presentation skills for exam?


5. Why we need someone all the time to tell us which one is better Self Study or Coaching?


So my friends now the time has come ---


--To figure out your problems connected with our studies

--To find out the solutions

--To decide and choose yourself

--To plan and execute yourself



Here I would like to suggest you all a few areas where strong understanding and planning is important and necessary.


So some of the areas are:


1. Selection of Right books and notes


2. Your vision towards your future


3. A good and balanced study schedule


4. A good and effective revision plan


5. Workout on your presentation skills


6. Understanding of Exam pattern and prepare a strategy to deal with the same.


7. Ability to figure what to study and what to avoid


8. Self Study or coaching class


Few questions are always there for you to decide:


--- How much Course do you need to cover?


--- How much time is available for the preparation of your exams?


--- Do you have any other priorities during the study period?


--- What is the pattern of the exam?


--- How important is the exam for you and your future vision?







According to me you are the only right person to decide the above questions keeping in view your strengths and weaknesses. The answer of the above questions is totally dependent on your vision and level of understanding you have about yourself. So it is the right time to develop a habit to think and plan for you. Just be confident and don’t feel uneasy or nervous while taking decisions for you. The life is all about risk taking abilities. To ensure and cross check your decision or thinking you can always consult or discuss the things with your Family, Friends and seniors.



So friends in your brand new decision making process you can take the help of the link given below:


Few Useful Exam Links



The above link is just for your guidance but still I would advise you to be your own judge and decide accordingly.


Here I would like to clarify one thing that please do not misunderstand me as my sole motive is to encourage you all through this write-up.


If you like the suggestions kindly share your views and guidance.


Best Regards

Ankur Garg