Macro- Economics

S.K.Bapna (Student) (187 Points)

03 January 2010  

I want to clearify my query in macro-economics. Not about the subject matter but in general.
For example:
Q.1 Fringe benefit tax was introduced in ___
a) 1994-95 b) 1995-96 c) 2000-01 d) 2005-06

Q.2 PIN was introduced in ____
a) 1970 b) 1972 c) 1974 d) 1976

Both the above questions were asked in the December 2009 C.A.- C.P.T. examination.
But we wont find  questions in the Module.I mean not in the exercise, but even in the whole chapter or unit or whole module we dont find these questions.
But we find these type of questions are generally asked in the examination. Then which book or where do we refer to find solution of this query. Is the institute provides the students any kind of other material for these topics mentioned above.