Lohp - second home - interest loss carry forward

Viswa nath (Sales professional) (60 Points)

23 July 2018  

LOHP Scenario : Second home - Rent out.

1. For FY 2017-18 ITR2 return, can we specify the interest paid above 2 Lakhs as carry forward. Where to specify this in ITR2? (Say 350,00 loss CF from 2.35 lakh LOPH)

2. For FY 2018-19 : If the itnterest paid < 2Lakhs, can I consider the prev year loss in point 1. Say if 2018-19 LOHP is 1.65 Lakh, can I include the 35000 loss from previous year.

3. Whether the company deducting TDS should consider such carry forward adjustment before TDS, or the assesse need to claim thorugh IT return only.

3. Is carry forward interest above 2 Lakh allowed for  borrowing loan for second home.

Thank you.