Lift License

N Sharma (Service) (29 Points)

20 June 2023  

I purchased a flat last year in South Delhi, this building is in collaboration of land owner and builder. I purchased the flat from builder. Recently I got to know that the building's lift license is yet not generated. I asked the builder and lift company they said that the land owner is not giving his documents of lift license. The land owner is having 2 flats in the building and and building's common electricity is also on his name. Now the land owner is asking me to give myy documents for Lift license. I said that why should I give, I just purchased the flat and I have no idea in what condition the building is built and what all procedure you have followed for lift installation. They are saying it doesn't matter you dont face any problem if you take license in you name and continuously asking me to take license on my name.

Please guide should I take license on my name? is the person responsible of any lift malfunction if happen in future..
 have just purchased the flat in that building rest I am not involved in any way in making of this building.