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Lessons from life of sir Steve Jobs

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RAKESH (Almost CA) (2199 Points)
Replied 08 October 2011

RIP Sir. U showed the world that success will be there when u have a strong will.

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Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15533 Points)
Replied 08 October 2011

Realy Great person, thanku for sharing bhai.
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Pothuganty sudheer (Consultant, C.A, C.S) (411 Points)
Replied 08 October 2011

Loss of a  wizard who was well ahead of his time.....

Ocean of knowledge, mountain of  blossoming sagacious thoughts are lost with his absence.

But  reverend jobs footprints are with us ... he is with us for ever.

Nice article.. keep posting Pulkit.

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Vijay (Adamo Studio) (2112 Points)
Replied 08 October 2011

Thanks for sharing thoughts of such a wonderful person
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CA Sujatha Raghuraman (Chartered accountant) (24 Points)
Replied 09 October 2011

thanks for sharing steve's thoughts and relating with CA profession

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Swapnil Jain (Finance - FP&A) (564 Points)
Replied 09 October 2011

awesome!! thanks for giving your precious time for framing such a nice article and sharing it with us!!

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Sagar (student) (326 Points)
Replied 09 October 2011

Ya he was a grt man but remember one thing ,

"Leadership is not born on xerox machine. Get out of the impressions of Steve jobs. Be yourself."

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i felt terribly bad on his demise!!;(  Great man!! and yes Pulkit you have rightly pointed out the lessons that we can learn from him!!

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Resham (Carpe Diem !!!) (6535 Points)
Replied 13 October 2011

I take my words back !!!

I had told you that your writing has got many broken links... I now realize that it was me who was reading it in broken links... Read a part of it...then again started doing some work in office... then again a para or so... And so I thought i didn't enjoy it as a whole... No wonder Why...!!!

But now today I read it at a go. Mature writing as always, however better than many of your articles... BEST??? hah, you can write way too better than this Pulkit and am waiting for that Best one... Don't you dare be satisfied with this...

Very genuinely wriiten... Keep Writing... ( After Exams, not before...)

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CA Anushree jain (CA) (1531 Points)
Replied 27 June 2012



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AJK (Professional) (355 Points)
Replied 27 June 2012

Surely appreciate for nice post !! Need to learn mentioned things from S.Job.

However I would like to bring out one very imp fact that I recently read in newspaper, written by one Dr. The article was on how is the impact of our thinking on our body. No doubt, S.Jobs cud have highest achievements, when he use to say to himself everyday that it is the last day of his life . Dr wrote in that article that since he used to think always that its last day, it carried -ve waves in his body & result was that his health really started detioriating . Body does react to what your mind thinks or says !! So Dr had specifically mentioned that to motivate ourselves, we need to avoid such -ve motivation !!.When we say something is gng to happen to me...definately it happens. So Dr wanted to convey that we muct have +ve outlook to achieve high aims

When S. Jobs used to think or say today is my last day in life, surely it did had impact on his body n finally he died of cancer. Your thinking has lot of impact on inception of cancer in ur body.

I dont know how many will agree to this, but thought that this is v imp to share, hence sharing this.

We need to take  +ve things & leave for -ve ones


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hiral bhadeshiya (CA FINAL STUDENT) (57 Points)
Replied 27 June 2012

nice article ...

thanks for sharing ...


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Replied 28 June 2012



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