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Leaving ca [8th attempt still could not passed]


Dear friends,

It was my 8th attepmt and still i could not clear any of the group nor a single exemption.....


my question is should i continue ca..? 


Today after the results..... when i said i want to give exam again.... my parents asked simple question to me, "Is there any guaranty that u will clear ca next time?" and i could not answer... because from past 8 attempts i am saying them that this time i will clear 100%.... in the year 2010 they told me to leave the course... and do any other job... but i angrily told them that i cant leave this course give me 6 months...  now its 2 years over from that day.... i couldnt demand any more time from them....


parents also expect that i should be settled down somewhere.... whether CA or other good job... whatever... but now i am 27 yrs old... they are saying u should be earning now.... its for your self respect.... dont waste your important years of your life if there is no guarantee for its success... just give your same efforts to other job and you will get settled at good position....


I feel... they are also right.... from their point of view.... they just want me to get settled... they care for me... thats why they are saying....


following are the marks of my last 8 attempts: (

Subject Nov 2008 June 2009 Nov 2009 May 2010 Nov 2010 May 2011 Nov 2011 May 2012
A/c 44 31 42 45  28 53 49 45
SFM 18 53 39 38 29 37 49 41
Auditing 17 40 34 ~A~ 22 35 35 43
Law 40 50 49 ~A~ 35 53 56 48
Total 119 174 164 83 114 178 189 177
Costing 36 27 33 35 34 36 46 24
ISCA 42 55 57 49 20 45 53 40
DT 33 24 24 35 15 53 24 26
IDT 28 31 29 43 15 47 32 47
Total 139 137 143 162 84 181 155 137
GT 258 311 307 245 198 359 344 314


(want to mention that.... .... everybody told me to go by single group.... but i did not listened... and gave both groups for all 8 attempts....... each time i was thinking i could clear it.... i think it was my mistake that i did not listend others...)


Now.... what should i do? change the profession? i am unable to take decision.....  i tried it for 8 times .... my other friends passed easily.... some were so lucky to pass on 200+200 marks...  but each time failed.... I could not fulfill my parent's dream....


Kya mere naseeb me hi CA banana nahi hai?


should i go for bank's job? and do CA group by group.. in extra hours .... or just leave it completely..... ???



If you are also facing the same situation like me... please post your situation.... all we will be helpful...




- karan.




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Bhaavna (Queen ) (1933 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

its better decide on ur self better coz we are matured students who have taken prestigious course... 

i pray god for u that any decision that gives happy ness

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CA Aninda Chatterjee (ACA, M.Com ) (255 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

1st of all karan don't be disheartened with your 8th failure rather take it as your exp, i also had faced this difficult situation but i didn't give up and 2day all my sacrifices have given me the CA degree which feels great, if you want to do a job and then pursue ca do it but don't give up or leave it completely because if i can do it u to easily can do it......... its the matter of time and i suggest you to prepare one group at a time..... Best of Luck and Please don't leave CA.............

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himanshu jaswani (student CA FINAL CS FINAL B.com(H))   (94 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012


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AnKiT (CA ) (57 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

Hi , karan,

not advice just want to tell u that.plz     NEVER QUIT. U R AT VERY NEAR TO CLEAR. (in final)

Just take job under any practicing CA , so that u will learn & earn.U will not face problem to get leave 2.

As far as ur attempt is concern ,its all rubbish. After becoming CA nobody bother abts ur attempt.

Try to give 1 grp, rather to give both. Put all ur efforts & concentration on single grp itself, it will easy to handle.

Once u will clear any of grp,  ur confidence will auto. up. So go for it.



Even if you want to Bank job,It's not so easy to manage studies and job. Observe what your heart really wnated to do,make honest anlysis and go by it. I joined in Bank job in 2008 and worked as Deputy Manager designation upto 2012,I failed to manage studies during job,so I resigned to it in March,2012 to complte CA Final. And another sugesstion is Study any subject with a veiw to to answer the question asked and not to get 40/50/EXEMPTION.(hope u unaderstand....) And finally put complte faith on god appear for exams to answer the question and not to get 40/50. All The Best.

Deepak kumar sharma (Govt. job) (2946 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

Hi karan, your marks are not bad at all because you showed continuous progress. Look; you have studied more than a student who  clears in first or second attempt. So your knowledge level is not less to pass i believe. Afterall you came to finals after clearing p2 or pcc which is itself a tough exam. I have not given final yet but i believe that you are lacking on something else but not studies.

Leaving ca is not a solution. Your all previous efforts will be waste. instead make a list of your weaknesses and work on them on day to day basis. Those who already cleared are ca now and if you clear in next attemt you will be a ca too. It is just a matter of time. I don't find myself in the position to guide you, but i am posting two writings if they can help you, i will be happier than before.



you must search some other motivational material on this or other site for 2 or 3 days. This will surely help to boost your confidence back.

Best wishes, your friend


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Anand (FINAL CA) (1116 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

dude i wud say never ever doubt ur confidence...wen u doubt ur confidence it is the time u shud leave it...be practical in life....do some oder courses....ca is not the only course in the world....at the same time never leave ca completely too....try giving exams.....i wud say dont leave it completely....

Ravish (Chartered Accountant) (33 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

Dear karan, Even mine is 8th attempt first time lost by 21 in first group and 9 in second group. second time lost in 8marks in fisrt grup by paper minimum in auditing but got exemption in mafa. But second group by 35. Thrid time cleared first group. 4 & 5 6 lost 7th attemp in second group lost by 8 marks.aggregate 8 th time lost by 11 in costimg paper 7mrks in aggregate.. It all happens......nn Plan for changing your exam centre.... Might result you good
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amar soni (ca final) (113 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

your secound grogp is weak so give more time on it and your first group is average

isliye dono group ka exam do jise ki overall 400 cross ka jaye

alag alag group mat de 

CA Ghanshyam Joshi (CA, Dip IFR (ACCA UK)) (3229 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

Dear Karan,

Before taking any decision, please go through my below thread, you will get some clue from it.

Discussion > Students > Final > Result of ca final - a goal which has been achieved


Preferably "Tum apani Dil Ki aawaj suno", "Dil jo kahata hai uspar Dimag se soncho, aur kaise karna hai ye decide karo".

Wish you all the best for your future.

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Deepak Parsai (Future CA) (622 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

Friends, same condition as karan with me. I have a question- when today an average Qualified CA is not getting good salary job, in that case if karan or me get complete CA after 10-12 attemps then what will be our value in job market? In that case have we any other option to go for self practice? You all know that self practice is not a joke and start teaching/coching institute etc also not easy. Then plz tell me all the advisors, is there any sense to give more efforts in ca, rather than should we not do any other course etc, Yes, in this way we will lost our last many years hardwork,money and time and an important age years, but kya ye practically valuable hoga? If we have only option of self practice then should not we think for any business/earning which is also not easy as self practice and clear ca.
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dinesh kr. sharma (service) (42 Points)
Replied 20 July 2012

Dear Mr. Karan

you are mature, so take your own decision. But as per my concern you should continue to give the attempt. Now you give you Nov.12 exam with full energy and take full time of nearby 3.5 month. after exam you start your job. Best of Luck for Nov.12 exam.

Dinesh Kr. Sharma

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Replied 20 July 2012

I know how each day u feel like but just remember all those hard works you have put in. I m a CA after 9 years, though I was my College topper and rank holder in university exams. Besides I m 30 now. It matters not ur age or what attempts u take to clear ur exams, it should be purely ur greed. Now u have to earn self respect for ur self. U cannot be a failure lyk dis. Muskura k jeene ka naam zindagi hoti hai. As far I know parents, they want happiness of their child, so u have to become A CA for them. I know they will be the happiest person in the world when u clear. Just go look into their eyes and see that love for u and promise them that u will clear this time just for them. 8th attempt shows u know everything bt its just not ur day. The time will come shortly that u will smile and ur parents will feel proud at ur achievement. Past is gone. Sabkuch bhul ke nayi suruwat karo and be determined. Have PATIENCE....
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Never Quit dear it's part of life and u have to clear it .

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