ITR showing need to pay tax as per 115JC AMT

Radhika Sharma (1 Points)

23 June 2024  

Hey, my taxable income is less than after all the eligible deductions and I have not claimed any deductions

under 10AA, 35AD, 80H to 80RRB. Also, my income is less than Rs. 20 Lakh

In my Form 16, there is no tax as my taxable income is less than 5 Lakh, and no TDS is deducted in the last year.

But, still, my ITR 2 shows that I need to pay Tax as per Total Income of 115JC AMT.

My details are as follows -

Salary = 867815



Basic Exemption = 50,000

HRA = 16324

The total amount of any other exemption under section 10 = 5362

Tax on employment under section 16(iii) = 2400

House Property Loss - Rs. 2,00,000

80(C) - 1,50,000

LTCG = 50,000

STCG = 1,000

Total taxable income = 453729

But still while filling, ITR There is the message that I need to pay Minimum Tax as per 115JC AMT.


Please help !