Itr of nri

SS (Cost accountant) (25 Points)

06 October 2015  

Dear Experts,

I'm an NRI in FY 2014-2015 in India.I'm earning here in Dubai and sending money to my family over there in India. Apart from that I don't have any income source or income in FY 2014-2015 which had arised or accrued in India.

Now I m filling ITR 1, I'm putting status as NRI and my Dubai's salary in the row 'Income​ from Salary/pension', apart from that no income has been showed, after validating and calculating tax, excel sheet is showing tax liablity with interest and penalty of around 700,000. My question here is that:

1. Do I have  to show my Dubai's salary in the 'Income​ from Salary/pension' row in ITR1 or not?
2. If not, then my income details would be zero in all columns of ITR, So Is this correct?
3. If yes, then how to refrain from the tax of 700,000 since NRI's salary accrued and arised in Foreign country is exempt in india?

Kindly help me out, I shall be very grateful to you.