ITR-4 two issues in online filing for AY 2024-25

Ramachandran S (Chartered Accountant) (717 Points)

01 May 2024  

In ITR-4 online mode, for asst.year  2024-25, I have noticed two issues and e-mailed the same to CPC also. The first issue is that when we give balance sheet as on 31 March 2024, the said date correctly appears in pre-view but while downloading the previewed return, in the downloaded file the date is shown as 31 March 2023! The second issue is that for asst.year 2024-25, there is a new requirement to select ‘type of bank account’ from available dropdownds as per IT dept’s you tube ‘How to file ITR-4’ released on 5 April 2024.  But in online filing, there is no facility to view "type of bank account" field and edit it. It seems that the bank account number is picked from ''Personal information" section. But there is no field 'type of bank account' therein.  Hence,  in my case,  in preview, “type of bank account” is left blank in Part D-item D21. However, after downloading, it is shown as ‘savings account’ in  Part E-OTHER INFORMATION DETAILS OF ALL BANK ACCOUNTS HELD IN INDIA AT ANY TIME DURING THE PREVIOUS YEAR (EXCLUDING DORMANT ACCOUNTS). In my case, it is not a problem, since, my bank account is savings bank account only.  Some assesses may have current account.  Hence, it is suggested that for online mode,  the above filed should be exhibited with edit facility in Part D-Sl No: 21 in preview process which should also flow to previewed return.