Issue regarding Blocked credit us 17(5) for previous months in GSTR 3B.

Manu S (student) (66 Points)

19 December 2023  

One of my clients had purchased building materials during April and June 2023 which falls under blocked credit. He showed ITC after deducting ITC from building materials in table 4(A)- All other ITC column in GSTR 3B for April and June 23.  Which means that in GSTR 2B that ITC is available, but he edited the auto populated figure in table 4(A) - All other ITC and showed net ITC after discarding the blocked ITC.  Thus he did not show the blocked credit in the table 4B instead showed the net figure in table 4A. The issue here is not availment of blocked credit, but  not reporting the blocked credit in the appropriate manner in table 4(B). 

 Is there any way to fix this? I thought of showing the ITC for the months April and June 2023 in the next month December GSTR 3B table 4A and then show permanent reversal in table 4(B) 1.  Is this approach correct?