Is this really called a stipend??

Himanshu Bhanawat (Articleship) (111 Points)

29 April 2012  

Stipend details of CAs: no

  • 1st Year - Rs 1000 per month
  • 2nd Year - Rs 1250 per month
  • 3rd Year - Rs 1500 per month

Stipend of Doctors: yes

  • Rs 10000 to 20000 per month (depending on Hospitals)

Stipend of CSs:

  • Rs 2000 per month

Are the CA article assistant worth Rs 1500???? 

- Are we in the position to arrange our books, stationary and our daily needs?

- Are  we not capable to earning higher?

- Are we not competent enough?

We all are capable and worth earning more than Rs 10000 rather we earn far more than this for our principals and what we get in return? 

We are capable to managing our own study expenses.

We are competent enough to get better stipend for managing our own budget.

"Our stipend is our right for the work we do. Why not work hard and earn hard while learning even doctors get that."

Join my movement and lets plan something bigger to raise our voice to ICAI. We should fight for our rights.

I will appreciate your comments and suggestions....