Indian IT Calculator for FY2008-09 (MS-Excel)

Prasanth Rajan (Engineer) (55 Points)

14 March 2008  

This is to announce the the Indian IT Calculator for the FY2008-09 (for salaried employees only) based on the taxation changes in the budget presented (with the hope that all the provisions proposed will be passed). Similar to the FY2007-08 calculator, this also has the provision for the tax computation from capital gains (stocks) at the new interest rate for short term gains and NSC accrued interest (NSC VIII issue) in addition to others including 80C and 80D.

This could help plan investments better for the coming FY in terms of tax savings. Please feel free to forward this mail to your friends also.

Please click to download.

FYI - In case anyone has missed, the IT Calculator for the FY2007-08 can be downloaded from


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